Shien Tokyo Global Joint Workshop
For the global community with compassion...


We practice toward peace that nurture connection from one to another
by visiting under developed asian nations, create relationships and
transmit what we've sensed and seen in actuality to people in Japan
and to the whole world.


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Contribution to international cooperation through research and technical assistance
Appeal for widespread utilization of traditional handicraft industries and support
Cultivation of volunteer activities through experience of hand making
Supporting independent livelihood rich in compassion, and link between undeveloped and developed nations

We, NPO Shien Tokyo, take part in direct humanitarian projects at villages in Cambodia, Myanmar and Sri Lanka with specified nonprofit organization CEALO Global Harmony Japan.

At Shien Tokyo research laboratory, we research technique and materials used in traditional cultures in under developed nations, and also the quality of product which attract interests in the world.

【Current Projects】

Research of dying and weaving Cambodian raw silk
Market research of materials and quality of Cambodian silk
Research of relationship between water quality and woven textiles
Research and proposal of original coloring, combination with different
Research of design utilizing hand woven textiles
Exhibiting "Style with Khmer silk" at galleries

Non-Governmental Organization in Cambodia
The Cambodia Kingdom
Sisowatto Cantares Princess
HOPE OF CAMBODIA and Sien Tokyo work together
for the project of
"the development of the village by Khmer silk"

  Hope of Cambodia/協働事業レポートはこちら

                      - Collaboration business report
                      - Princess silk style update

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